Self awareness – do you know what you want in life?

June 19, 2017
June 19, 2017 globalknox

Self awareness – do you know what you want in life?

From day one, Globalknox is a place for people to learn, grow and be successful.

Our founder, Ken always pushed people, sparks people’s desire and see magic happens when they realise what they can do.

Sometimes, people were flabbergasted when Ken told them that ‘I love you more that you love yourself’.

The unspoken rule in Globalknox

Whenever a new member joins us, Ken will be the first person they talk to and here goes the SOP:

  1. What do you want to achieve with Globalknox?
  2. I want the answer from your heart and not your head.
  3. Don’t waste my time, don’t waste your time, don’t waste everybody’s time.

It is important for us to know what motivates every single person in our team, and the whole team will go all out to support each other’s personal and professional goals.

Self Awareness

Ken always ask hard questions down to the core of people’s heart to help them discover things that really matter to them.

We can only change what we acknowledge, and every transformation starts with self awareness. It is the ability to listen to your inner voice, remember and understand that voice within you.

Fika’s Story

When Fika joined Globalknox as new intern, she said that she wanted to start business and help people.

When asked by Ken what she was good at, she said she can bake cookies. With RM200 contributed by Fika and Ken, she started a baking business to raise fund for an NGO.

Fika ran the program by herself. She came up with business plan and budget. She did purchasing and baking. Even though Fika didn’t have her own mean of transport, she managed to find ASTAF as the suitable receiver quickly with her dedication. Managing the project from A to Z was a process that challenged Fika physically and emotionally.

However, when her mother asked her how she could help people when she couldn’t even take care of herself, Fika’s self doubt mounted and she broke down. Coming from people closest to her, this was the biggest hit that tore her self-worth and confidence apart.

Ken talked to her and rebuilt her confidence. The whole team helped her sell cookies. At the end of the program, she managed to raise 2k and donated the proceed to ASTAF under her name.

From the shock she had when Ken gave her RM100 and a business idea, from the girl without confidence and didn’t know how to contribute, Fika raised fund for a cause she cares about.

Even though it was a small project, the transformation we saw in Fika was priceless. With a minimal contribution, we helped her discover and maximise the potential she had in her big heart.

She made thing happen, from zero to one.

U Inspired Me

We had 3 interns whom Ken called ‘the girls next door’. They joined us at the same time. On their first day in Globalknox, they didn’t even have the courage to step inside without us inviting them in.

From our SOP, we knew that one of the girls wanted to be a motivational speaker, one wanted to learn how to do business, and the other girl wanted to lose weight.

So, they started a business and an exercise plan.

This time, the girls decided to sell cut fruit in front of a school. For four months, they visited market early in the morning to buy fresh fruits, peel and cut fruits in the office, kept them in the fridge, went jogging with Ken before working hour started, and sold fruit during lunch hour.

They persisted and overcome their fear of selling fruit to teenagers who shamed them sometimes. It didn’t matter how big the thing we do, selling fruit trained them to think strategically and build their confidence. At the end of the internship, they had much deeper understanding about their passion and values.

With the guidance of Ken, they set up an NGO called U Inspired Me with the vision to launch bigger projects targeted at children and youth, to create more values for people around us.

What do you want in life?

It is a hard conversation with ourselves and yet many people live through life without realising what are the things that matter the most to them.

It is a simple question that invites us to the front row of discomfort zone. And yet, it is incredibly valuable in bringing our deep values in light and starting on the path towards fixing them.

What is something you want to do that sounds scary right now? Lead a new team? Give a public speech? Start new business? Run a marathon?

Set a concrete goal and start moving towards it. You might fail, but you are going to enjoy the process and learn so much from it.

It could be as small as baking cookies and selling fruit, but we start.

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