GLOBALKNOX helps you to realise your potential

In Globalknox, we deliver high impact and sustainable experiential learning experience, giving your organization an edge over competition. We believe that growth and learning happen best when you are at play, which is why our activities are designed to be fun, playful and engaging.

We surround you with passionate, energetic trainers who will guide you through every part of our program, ensuring that you focus on the most important things: have fun, learn and perform.

Things you can expect from GLOBALKNOX

Innovative solution

We work with clients on the ground to identify problems and create uniquely tailored solution to realise effective changes

Long term support

We do not just solve problem, we are in people business and we care about continuous growth of your people and organisation.

Passionate trainers

When you come to us, you tap into our relentless pursue in excellence that drives us towards achieving our common goal.



Development Program
  • Increase team motivation
  • Foster strong relationship
  • Align team values


Leadership Development Program
  • Discover personal motivator
  • Values finding
  • Reinforce essential leadership skills


Organization Development Program
  • Organisation transformation
  • Reinforce culture and values
  • Cultivate growth, sustainability and inclusiveness


Personal & Professional Development Program
  • Professional certification
  • Entrepreneurship workshop
  • Soft skills training

Meet Our Clients

  • "Personally I think the uniqueness of Globalknox is to bring the team together, my team together, I think that is important because sometime people will just walk out from the room they disappear they go to their work, here I think we kept everybody in the room their participation, the anticipation everybody was looking forward to the next session and I think the anticipation was there.”

    Rama Nathan
    Managing Director, IBM
  • “I think the group like ours are very highly comparative, even trainers themselves understand the Maybank H.O.T (Operating Principal), T.I.G.E.R (Values) and H.E.A.R.T (Customer Service Principals) and use that comparativeness as a strength to really harness the learning program and that’s I think we really achieved the results”

"Don’t wait for change, create it. "