4 unique characteristics of millennials that makes them your valuable team

June 19, 2017
June 19, 2017 globalknox

4 unique characteristics of millennials that makes them your valuable team

4 unique characteristics of millennials that makes them your valuable team

Millennials is an important part of our workforce that becomes the focus of HR departments in most organizations. Despite general perception that millennials are lack of work ethic, entitled, narcissistic, and labeled as a ‘job-hopping’ generation, recent studies revealed that there’s actually little to no difference between the generations in terms of work ethic. Data also shows millennials value connectedness, diversity and openness to change (PEW Research).

Now that millennials have been working long enough to be considered for management positions, companies need to adjust benefits, work schedules, and training programs to utilise the unique characteristic of this generation as they rise to become the country’s largest workforce.

We have put together some ideas of common characteristics of millennials and how organization can make the most of out of it by making adjustment in workplace.

Goal oriented

Millennials are inclined to think in steps and measure their progress through the completion of tasks to meet goals. Each finished task leaves a mark in their book of achievement, making another step of progress in their career trajectory. This goal-oriented approach provides them with a base for organizing and delegating, or completing tasks based on availability, efficiency, and time constraints to effectively deliver results. It also benefits a growth-based mindset, making them ideal candidates for management positions with defined goals.

Exposure to diversity

Millennials are more receptive to diversity than older generation, and this trend is more prominent among the younger generations. In addition, in the U.S, studies show that children are now more likely to be raised in nontraditional households. This implies that when millennials enter workforce, they will carry their exposure to diversity and infuse this value into workplace. This helps to further foster a cooperative, empathic, and highly supportive environment for all co-workers.

A leadership position will give millennials the opportunity to enhance company culture and align the team to achieve greater results by embracing diversity. It also facilitates in spotting new opportunities to improve customer relations and explore new market.

Desire to make an impact

Millennials has a desire to contribute to the positive impact they believe business has on society, while also aligning it with their personal values. A recent survey shows that millennials feel most impactful in the workplace, and are likely to maintain loyalty to their organization if they perceive their work as meaningful and able make some kind of difference. In the current state where information is easily assessable and transferrable, millennials are more aware of global issues and corporate social responsibilities. This unique trait will make them the kind of manager who see business progress in terms of value creation for society as a whole.

Technology savy

In the current flow of technology advancement, there is no surprise that millennials generations are more tech-savvy than ever. They grew up playing with by gadgets such as smart phones, computer, tablets and internet that earlier generations never had the opportunity to experience during childhood. Most children nowadays have their own social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social platforms. As this generation continues to move into the workforce, more organizations are beginning to put millennials into management positions that utilize these skills, such as social media relations and digital marketing to propel the business.

Bridge the gap, retain the talent

The link between millennials’ loyalty and their feelings about business are very much attributed to their upbringing and values. We observed that loyalty to an employer is driven by understanding and support of millennials’ career and personal ambitions, as well as providing opportunities for them to progress and become leaders.

We suggest three key actions to retain your talented young staff:

  • Identify, understand, and align with millennials’ values
  • Satisfy the demands millennials have of employers
  • Support millennials’ goals and professional development

It is important that organisation and leaders provide mentorship program and frequent feedback mechanism to consistently guide millennials in their career progression, moulding them to become future leaders who make huge impact in workplace and community.

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