A Knoxer’s Journey to ‘Top Ten Young Malaysian’ Finalist

August 21, 2017
August 21, 2017 globalknox

A Knoxer’s Journey to ‘Top Ten Young Malaysian’ Finalist

Press conference of Top Ten Young Malaysian 2017 in Putrajaya

A couple weeks ago, we experienced a day of triumphant in GLOBALKNOX office. It was a day when we truly felt what it means to be a ‘Knoxer’, a day when we celebrated an important milestone of our leader’s journey.

On this special day, our founder, Mr. Ken Ng was shortlisted as the finalist of ‘Top Ten Young Malaysian 2017’, an award created to recognized inspiring individuals from 10 different industries.

Why do we do what we do?

Since our humble beginning in 2011, GLOBALKNOX went through economic turmoil, team restructuring, getting external investment, and buying back our share from investor. The past 6 years hasn’t been a smooth sail at all, but our vision has never changed. GLOBALKNOX exists to create a place for people to learn, grow and be successful.

In GLOBALKNOX, every team member went through a unique process initiated by Ken upon joining the team.

What do you want to achieve in GLOBALKNOX? Why do you do what you do?

Some of us broke down in the process, but Ken guided us to look at the deepest part of our heart to figure out what really matter to us, and how we can make the most out of our endeavor in GLOBALKNOX.

To serve, to strive, not to yield

Most of us knew that Ken’s journey as a trainer started in Outward Bound, where Ken inherits the motto ‘to serve, to strive and not to yield’ in everything he did later, including our culture in GLOBALKNOX.

The things that we do in GLOBALKNOX empower businesses and individuals to unleash their potential and achieve results that exceed their self-imposed limitation. Seeing people accomplishing more than what they could always makes our hard work worthwhile.

‘I love you more than you love yourself’

Ken is known as the trainer who would tell participants ‘I love you more than you love yourself’. In fact, he did the same to our team as well.

In the moments when some of us faced tremendous challenge, felt like giving up, beat ourselves up, hearing that from Ken made us realise that we have a team behind us. This holds us together as a strong team as we go through ups and downs through the journey of making a difference in GLOBALKNOX.

In GLOBALKNOX, we never stop asking ourselves – how can we be better?

At personal level and organisation level, Ken always reminds us to keep learning and expanding our comfort zone in order to stay relevant and innovative. We have recently introduced digital elements into training program to make it more interesting, interactive and engaging for participants.

Realising that international training tools in our industry are expensive and not cost-friendly to small businesses, our new project includes creating effective localised assessment tools and inventory tools that will propel our local training and education industry.

‘Service of humanity is the best work of life’

In accordance with the creed of the organiser of Top Ten Young Malaysian, we are proud of the lives we have touched under Ken’s leadership, and we will strive to accomplish further milestones as a team to help people learn, grow and be successful.

Our team wish Ken all the best on the Award Night in September. We hope that he could soon fulfil his aspiration to devote fully in social works with children, youth and underprivileged society.

Ken in the press conference


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